The Amarillo Area A&M club encourages high school and current A&M students from the Panhandle area to attend Texas A&M University. As part of this effort the Amarillo Area A&M Club awards individual scholarships to area students in need and participates in efforts to endow scholarships to ensure the future of Texas A&M University.

Scholarship Applications are due by March 15, 2020!

Eligibility Requirements:

1. 2020 High School Seniors, Transfer Students and current Texas A&M Students are eligible to apply.

2. All applicants must be attending a school or originally from:

  • Armstrong,
  • Carson,
  • Castro,
  • Deaf Smith,
  • Hartley,
  • Hutchinson,
  • Moore,
  • Oldham,
  • Potter,
  • Randall
  • or Swisher County.

3. All students must be able to show acceptance to Texas A&M.

4. All current Amarillo Texas A&M Club Scholarship recipients must reapply to compete for the scholarship.

Click below to download the Word file. Please print, fill out completely and mail to:

P.O. BOX 51031
AMARILLO, TX 79159-1031


Scholarhip Application

2020 Scholarship Application



2020 Scholarship Application