The Amarillo Area A&M club encourages high school and current A&M students from the Panhandle area to attend Texas A&M University. As part of this effort the Amarillo Area A&M Club awards individual scholarships to area students in need and participates in efforts to endow scholarships to ensure the future of Texas A&M University.

Scholarship Applications are due by March 15, 2023!

Eligibility Requirements:

1. 2023 High School Seniors, Transfer Students and current Texas A&M Students are eligible to apply.

2. All applicants must be attending a school or originally from:

  • Armstrong,
  • Carson,
  • Castro,
  • Deaf Smith,
  • Hartley,
  • Hutchinson,
  • Moore,
  • Oldham,
  • Potter,
  • Randall
  • or Swisher County.

3. All students must be able to show acceptance to Texas A&M.

4. All current Amarillo Texas A&M Club Scholarship recipients must reapply to compete for the scholarship.

Click below to download the Word or PDF file. Please print, fill out completely, scan, and email to!


Scholarhip Application

2023 Scholarship Application



2023 Scholarship Application